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Now is a perfect time to examine the short-term measures you’ve put in place and consider how you could reduce waste in the long run. Here’s how you can follow the rules and still be mindful of the waste you’re producing. Remember, keeping good hygiene standards doesn’t mean everything has to be disposable!


Masks and face shields are essential for now . Rather than using disposable masks, invest in a few that can be washed and re-used. Using branded masks is a great idea for exposure and creating a uniformed look for the shop. Instead of opting for gloves that need to be disposed of after each client (that’s a lot of gloves!), ensure e you’re thoroughly sanitising with an Antibacterial Hand Gel.

“Rather than using gloves, we feel that regular handwashing and sanitisers are safer and more practical.” Joth Davies, Savills Barbers / Wahl Education & Artistic Team Member


All surfaces should be sanitised after a client. A surface wipe may seem like the easiest option to do this quickly, however, you can opt for a bacteria-killing surface spray which is fast-drying and kills up to 99.99% of bacteria.


Your tools can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly between clients with Hygienic Spray and Blade Ice, again there’s no need for wipes here.

“Using Hygiene Spray on your blades before each use guarantees the hygiene level to all of your clients. Simply spray and leave for 15 minutes to kill bacteria and viruses.” Sam Campagna, Alternative Barbering Co. / Wahl Education & Artistic Team Member

To avoid using disposable capes, purchase some quality capes that you wash on a high temperature with a good detergent – this is enough to help kill bacteria and viruses.

“We’ve given our clients the option of a disposable or freshly washed cape, most clients are choosing the washed cape. They’re more comfortable for the client and it helps us provide the experience we want for our clients.” Rick Roberts, Rick Roberts Salon / Wahl Style Team Member

Don’t forget. Now that you’ve done the hard work to follow the guidelines and make positive changes, make sure you let your customers know! Head to for more information

This article appears in the Issue 28 October - December 2020 Issue of Modern Barber

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This article appears in the Issue 28 October - December 2020 Issue of Modern Barber