Modern Barber
Modern Barber




OWNER: Harris Khan

SOCIAL: @ArkadeBarbers

OPENED: 4 July 2020

BUDGET: £30k

THE STORY: We had planned on opening in March 2020, however then the pandemic and first lockdown hit. This meant reassessing the situation, going back to the drawing board and arranging back-up plans. Although the lockdown had a huge impact on the launch it also gave me additional time to focus on the finer details and features. I sourced new chairs that were custom made to my specification and the lighting was rearranged using a local supplier. 

BUILD: The building phase was broken down into three steps. First we gutted the premises so we could work from a blank canvas. Then we had to create the Arkade vibe – we wanted a creative space with no boundaries. Finally we had to ensure the shop was practical. As much as aesthetics played a huge part of the build, practicality was vital too.

BRIEF: To design a functional, creative space for our barbers and stylists to express themselves and to offer our customers an unrivalled experience. I wanted to combine minimalism with nature, the space is our very own Concrete Jungle.

BEST THING: Aesthetically I love the natural flow of the space, the way the different materials work together; the concrete, the steel feature staircase and the botany. We’re a very refreshing barbershop, there is no other place in the North that offers the environment that we do. Reviews from customers, competitors and industry players have instilled us with huge confidence that we’ve created a unique space.

This article appears in the Issue 29 Issue of Modern Barber

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This article appears in the Issue 29 Issue of Modern Barber