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Visitors can now take an interactive tour round the flagship Salon Supplies store in Southampton and benefit from the new virtual cash and carry service.

Launched in January, the new Virtual Furniture Showroom Tour has been a huge success for both Salon Supplies and their customers. With the positivity surrounding the current interactive tour the brand has decided to expand their digital offering to include the recently renovated cash and carry store in Southampton. Customers can now walk around, shop and read more information on some of the top professional hair and beauty supplies available in the UK.

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Katie Wrighton, national sales manager at Takara Belmont (UK) Ltd, sponsors of the Best Interior category at the Modern Barber Awards, shares her top tips for 2021.

• As you plan for reopening, consider creating grooming packages, gift experiences and VIP services to boost income and sales. Packaging these with products the client can take home adds to the effect too. For example: offering a shaving experience with a facial massage, traditional hot towel wet shave and a selection of professional grooming products, such as shaving creams and moisturisers, will elevate this service.

• Creating a VIP area by sectioning off a small zone creates a higher perceived value for clients looking for extra privacy, an exclusive experience or as an indulgence for a gift or special occasion. Build immersive VIP Service Experiences around this area and it can yield a higher return than standard floor space too.

• When buying furniture and equipment, consider the durability, reliability, performance and service back up into the price. Downtime, lost service revenue and the cost of repairs or replacement can make less expensive chairs more expensive in the long run, so it’s better to invest in the right equipment first time.


This Antiseptic Disinfectant for barber chairs is safe for use on fabrics including leather chairs, towels, stainless steel, ceramics, wood and glass. Simply spray the solution onto fabrics and allow to air dry. For high level disinfection on chairs leave on surface for 15 minutes before wiping off. Good news – it kills 99.99% bacteria and viruses. Price £5.95+VAT from Moda Salon Interiors.

This article appears in the April - June 2021 Issue of Modern Barber

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This article appears in the April - June 2021 Issue of Modern Barber