Modern Barber - April/June 2023

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SPRING INTO ACTIONWelcome to the April – June issue of Modern Barber!
THE LATEST INDUSTRY NEWS AND UPDATES!The latest industry updates
BOOST YOUR PROFILEChris Foster’s guide to building your barber profile
REINVENTING YOURSELFFind out how Joe Mills reinvented himself through hard times
RECRUITING THE PERFECT BARBERSHOP TEAMWith worker shortages across many industries, recruitment is a hot topic at the moment, so the NHBF is here to advise you on recruiting the perfect barbershop team
GEARFrom wash regimes, barbershop furniture and everything in between – check out the new launches Modern Barber is loving…
THE 10 MINUTE CHATWill Brown talks to us about the importance of mental health training
LEARNING FROM THE BESTHow Claire Chambers’ was inspired by her Grandad to enter the industry
MY BIGGEST CHALLENGEBarber Nicky King tells us how he didn’t let a birth defect get in the way of his barbering ambitions
BACK TO MY ROOTS OVERCOMING IMPOSTER SYNDROMEMurdock London’s Miles Wood Smith shares how he went from shaky beginnings to becoming a master barber
SOAP BOXAnderson Boyce, Owner of Hairforce1 tells us why the next generation of barbers deserve a quality education
FIT TO FOLLOWWe’re always keeping a close eye on your incredible work across social media. These are six of the best accounts firing up our feed right now
AMERICAN CREWFive collections to inspire
THE ROOTS FOUNDATIONFive collections to inspire
MIKE TAYLORFive collections to inspire
ERIC LOVEMOREFive collections to inspire
DAVID CORBETTFive collections to inspire
CURLS UNLEASHED STEP-BY-STEPMike Taylor talks us through the steps to create a curly mullet
INSIDELucky Sevens, Weston-Super-Mare
DOES IT PAY TO BE SUSTAINABLE?Barbers reveal the benefits of running an eco-centric business
IT’S EASY BEING GREEN Two barbers share the reasons why they decided to embrace sustainability
KILLER KITBAG ESSENTIALSTo help you keep your kitbag stocked up with true essentials, we’ve curated a list of some of the top products on the market – but don’t just take our word for it…
BRAVE THE BEARDLike head hair, thorough beard consultations are advised before you pick up your grooming tools, here, Mark Maciver and Natalie Cresswell explain why
TRUSTING YOUR CRAFTRino Riccio opens up about trusting in his craft
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