Modern Barber - April/June 2024

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NEWSThe latest industry updates
NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCKNew barbershops on the high street
MB ASKSThe latest business stats from the last quarter
GOOD MENTAL HEALTH = GOOD BUSINESSIndustry leaders discuss why wellbeing is good for business
THE NEXT GENERATIONFuture talent discuss what they need from the industry
IF YOU AREN’T RUNNING YOUR SELF-EMPLOYED BARBERSHOP WITH BEU, YOU AREN’T DOING IT RIGHT.Beu is designed to support every barber on the shop floor, and here's how
THE BOOSTED FAMILYGamma+ announces launch to complete the boosted family
STRONG ARM STEADYStrong Arm Steady, Peckham
GLOBAL BARBERCat Bullach, owner of Catherine’s Studio & Barbershop in Germany
KITBAGThe latest tools and products to upgrade your kitbag
THE INTERVIEWCharles Rose and Ryan Lewis talk all things creative direction
10 MINUTE CHATWez Jones shares his journey to the Heartbreak Club
CREATING A COMMUNITYAnthony Laban on creating a podcast community
SOAPBOXSimone Real on chair rental and true entrepreneurship
BACK TO MY ROOTSKevin Luchmun reflects on learning to live in the present
RE-CONNECTFind out who will be at Barber Connect on June 23-24
CUTTING EDGE STYLESWe take a look at the trends set to dominate 2024
CAPE IT GOINGWhat do your gowns say about your business?
STMNTSeven collections to engage and inspire
BALDYSeven collections to engage and inspire
PAUL JAMES GRAHAMSeven collections to engage and inspire
OP45 EDUCATION TEAMSeven collections to engage and inspire
PETER HEALYSeven collections to engage and inspire
MIKE TAYLORSeven collections to engage and inspire
HOW TO: BLOW OUT TAPERSam Campagna demonstrates a blow out taper
#TRENDTALKSHayden Cassidy talks collaboration, authenticity and community
FIT TO FOLLOWThe standout stars from social this month
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