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Allan was a talented barber, teacher and boss. After hearing of his passing, the industry responded en masse with their tributes to Allan. The South Shields barber founded Stoney’s Barber Shop, was a Great British Barbering Academy educator and a lecturer at South Tyneside college, to name just a few of his many achievements.

But of course, he was so much more –a friend, mentor and all round top bloke. Here those that lived, worked and laughed with him share their favourite memories.

“I’ll miss you Allan Stone. I’ll miss your calls, I’ll miss your pep talks and I’ll miss your happy little face. See you on the other side. Love you brother.” – Paul Simmons

“I met Allan when we started doing shows together for the Great British Barbering Academy. We clicked instantly. He became my partner in crime and my best friend in the industry. We created great collections together and it was an honour to have spent some of the greatest moments of my life with him. Love always.”

Tony Haresign

“I had the privilege and honour to give Allan his first job at Saks, Newcastle. He was sixteen and I couldn’t understand a word he said because he was talking so fast! Allan was like a sponge – he wanted to know everything and was always asking questions. He worked for us for two years before going into barbering. Allan wanted to be the best barber he could be and it was a privilege to watch him grow into one of the greats. Allan was driven, ambitious and most importantly he was humble and had time for everyone. He can never be replaced.” – Gary Hooker

“To all Allan Stone’s family and friends we truly devastated to hear the news and our thoughts are with you. You are my hero and my friend – heroes never die. From all your GBBA family, we love you.” – James Kirton

“I reconnected with Allan about five years ago and he was the same full-of-beans Allan that I knew at Saks. At Saks, Allan was the guard of the stereo system and Prince was always on! He was an incredible family man and such a success.” – Nick Irwin

“Mr Allan Stone, Stoney to his mates, was a great friend and a true family man. He will be greatly missed by everyone, not just because of his barbering skills but thanks to his larger than life character. I only got to know him over the last few years, but that was the magic thing about Allan – he left a happy impression on everyone he met. R.I.P buddy.” – Raymond Simons

“Allan was one of my best friends. He was always in demand and that’s because when you were with him he made you feel ten foot tall. On photoshoots I’d get Allan all to myself for a half day or so. Spending that time with Allan was amazing and I’ll cherish those memories forever.” – John Donoghue, photographer

“I can’t believe I’m writing this and that we’ve lost another legend. Allan took me under his wing the first time we met and he helped me no end. I will be forever grateful of his mentorship and friendship.” – Hanna Mcknight

“Allan was a genuinely lovely and caring man. My favourite memory was telling him that he was a Matakki ambassador. The image of his face on that day is one that will live on in our hearts forever.” – Emma Curd, Matakki Scissors

“I first met Allan when I was judging Britain’s Best Shave at the Newcastle heats. Allan was the first contestant of the day and I apologised for not arriving before him but explained I had to see the statue of Sir Bobby Robson. Allan looked me in the eye and said “We’re going to get on”! From that day we became tremendous friends and colleagues. Allan was an incredible educator but as well as that, he had skills you can’t teach – like his charm and charisma! Everyone loved being around him and he filled any room with love and laughter.” – Mike taylor

“Anything I ever needed in the industry Allan was the guy I’d ring for advice and he was always there to help me out. He supported me all through my career. He was a legend.” Patrick Forster

This article appears in the April - June 2021 Issue of Modern Barber

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This article appears in the April - June 2021 Issue of Modern Barber