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London-based salon Hestory Men’s Grooming does how-to content for barbers at all levels, as well as an informative series of clips calling out avoidable mistakes with ‘exposing barbers’.


If big, bushy beards trims are your thing, look no further than this Norwegianbased barbering account from Ali Osman, offering quality before and after shots and creative transformations.


Edward Kim from Ann Arbor, Michigan, offers charismatic and easy-to-follow clips on everything from simple terminology breakdowns to expert product recommendations.


Without question, Mileno Barbeiro offers some of the most creative colours and cuts you can find on social media, blurring the line between the commercial and avant-garde seamlessly.


Alongside some excellent tutorial content and celebrity hairstyle rankings, Elliot gets interactive on his Tiktok account by asking followers to send in their burning barbering questions.


We love that the Tiktok team over at Station Barbers focuses on some of the lesser shared aspects of barbering, best represented in their regular ‘ear Candle Challenge’ series.

This article appears in the October - December 2021 Issue of Modern Barber

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This article appears in the October - December 2021 Issue of Modern Barber