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CLIENTS: Men aged 17 to 50, interested in a unique and tailored cut


PRICES: A hair cut is €13 and €7 for beard

FUN FACT: The shop regularly houses art and photography exhibitions

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For Sqaure Salon owner, Bruno Nunes, his passion for barbering came later in his career. “I started barbering relatively later in my life at 33 years old. While working in other areas, I was once challenged by a friend to take a barbering course. My friend gave up on the idea, but I have never looked back since I started it,” says Bruno. “And my friend is now my client!” His experience soon led him to work with some of the best barbers internationally and shaped the space he has today. “All those experiences made me discover the voice of my work, and that led into deciding having a space that would reflect my vision,” he adds.

Based in Gafanha da Nazaré, Portugal, Bruno wanted the shop interior to reflect his cutting technique. “My salon is an extension of my cutting style: natural, soft, relaxing, with an edge for details,” he says. “It is a place to relax, a getaway from the day where you can experience life and art.” Wanting to bring the outdoors in, the space features natural wood panelling and plants that bring lightness to the minimal décor and brutalist concrete ceiling.

“The design of the salon is an extension of my personal taste and character. Even the cutting chair was chosen not only to separate my style from the current barbershop look, but to achieve my taste in minimalism,” says Bruno.

The craft of barbering also goes hand in hand with art at Square Salon, with the space housing regular exhibitions. “I chose a big shop where I have photography and painting exhibitions, and many surprises coming in time,” says Bruno. “I am a believer that those different arts complement each other.” In another pairing of artistries, the shop is also home to a tower mechanic clock, made by Bruno’s father, a clocktower master craftsman, which is always a topic of conversation among clients.

Being based in a small town has brought challenges during the pandemic, but also opportunities. “All struggling times are opportunities when addressed in the right way,” says Bruno. “I found myself losing regular clients and gaining new clients. However, I find it normal as both clients and I evolve in style and personal growth. But I can happily affirm I won more clients than the ones I lost,” he adds. The shop is also close to the coastal city Aveiro, a cultural hotspot where the tourist trade has also brought new clients and curated a community. Lockdown also provided Bruno time to enter new projects, including entering in Josh O’Meara-Patel’s international education team.

Along with providing his clients with a tailored haircut, Bruno prides himself on creating a sanctuary. “The experience is key, and something I take into consideration from the moment clients walk into the salon,” says Bruno. “That creates a feeling of privacy for the client and provides a subconscious feeling of relaxation. I’ve always intended to give more than just a haircut, so I have coffee and my own craft beer,” he adds. With his core clientele aged between 17 to 50, Bruno’s approach is to create the best look for each of his clients. “They’re interested in being advised on the best look, rather than having just another haircut,” he says. “It is never just about the haircut.”

This article appears in the April - June 2022 Issue of Modern Barber

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This article appears in the April - June 2022 Issue of Modern Barber