Modern Barber
Modern Barber




OWNERS: Fredis and JC Perdomo

CLIENTS: Miami locals, celebrities, athletes – and even UFC fighters!


PRICES: Haircuts and facial grooming average $30 Manicures, pedicures and waxing services start from $15

FUN FACT: President Obama, Emilio Estefan and Floyd Mayweather have all been guests!

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In an iteration of the American Dream, brothers JC and Fredis Perdomo opened the first The Spot Barbershop in 2001 with a team of five barbers in a 450 SQFT location. Nearing 20 years since it was first established, The Spot recently announced its commitment to open 14 locations in 2021, one in every major city by 2022 and a total of 100 locations across the U.S by 2023. As a child of an immigrant mother, the brothers are committed to investing and educating the industry, and giving back to those that have helped them grow. Fredis plans to open his own barbershop academy later this year. Onboarding family friend and entrepreneurial powerhouse, Diana Hernandez, as a VP, partner and creative behind the brand, has helped turn it into a chosen destination for Miami locals, celebrities and athletes.

Every location has a twist on a rustic and vintage industrial design theme – think exposed brick walls, lots of edgy artwork, and even antique motorcycles and car parts. Comfy chairs are inviting, as well as the library full of contemporary books. (And, if you’re not interested in some light reading while you wait for your service, you can enjoy the 1960s, 70’s, and 80’s music playing in the background.) “Most people never get to experience the feeling of creating something that didn’t previously exist,” explains Diana talking about her design process. “It’s intoxicating and addictive. First there’s an idea, then over time it turns into this amazing thing that exists, and you are its creator. Once you’ve been bitten by the design bug, you’re a lifer.”

The Spot seeks to create a gentleman’s experience like none other, specialising in sophistication and style, while also offering a classic twist on a haircut, which leave clients feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. While The Spot offers full-service haircuts and facial grooming, which generally average $30, they also offer manicures, pedicures, and waxing services, which start at just $15. As guests walk in, they are greeted by giant ‘God is Good’ neon signs to remind them that gratitude is a way to elevate their spirits – in addition to the spirited-drink or cafecito (Cuban coffee) they are poured as they comfortably sit back into their vintage barber chair.

Founders Fredis and JC came from a background of hard-working family members. Their mother, being their biggest influence, immigrated to the United States in 1982 from Honduras, leaving them behind so that she could work, save money and bring them into a stable life. She struggled and sacrificed for her children, leaving a major impression on both boys. When Fredis was 14, he borrowed his uncle’s clippers for the first time to give a friend a haircut. Then, a week later, the same friend came back for another cut, this time with another eager customer. Word began to spread about how Fredis was cutting hair (and was good at it) and so his book of business began to grow. He continued to cut hair throughout high school in order to save money for his first shop, which he opened in 2001 with his brother JC in Little Havana, Florida. From there, the brothers’ small family-owned business began to be noticed by investors. “When you love something and love what you do, the obstacles don’t matter,” says Fredis. Since being established in 2001, The Spot’s goal has been to keep doing what made them special, investing in the personal and professional growth of all its employees. In addition to promoting internally, The Spot mentors each barber on many topics, including: how to provide authentic services that resonate with each guest that result in a never-ending clientele, how to build and sustain their personal brand using social media and technology, and how to give back to the community that supported their growth. To this day, The Spot is 100% family-owned and currently employs over 140 barbers, including dozens of female barbers, which has helped them create a brand in a growing niche that is always a step ahead of what men need, including great prices.

The Spot will debut its first nationwide, flagship and ‘members only’ store in Soho, New York later this summer.

This article appears in the Issue 31 – July - September 2021 Issue of Modern Barber

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This article appears in the Issue 31 – July - September 2021 Issue of Modern Barber