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WHY men-ü?

“Here at men-ü, we control the quality of distribution and get stock to you when you want it, often the following day. Buy direct from us and you’ll get…

More profit based on efficiencies

Better, more direct and regular communication

Timely and co-ordinated promotions

The men-ü objective is to introduce men to quality grooming with products that are different and make a difference.

Products range from our leading Clay styling puck to the multi award-winning, ultra-concentrate Shave Crème. One thing our facial and body products, shampoos and conditioners have in common are that they are ultra-concentrate formulae and available as refills to make them as eco-friendly as we can. The high proportion of modern, active ingredients means they perform better, last up to four times longer and use up to 90% less packaging.


Reduce with ultra-concentrate formulae

Reuse pumps and over caps

Recycle much less


Whilst the pandemic has unfortunately led to some barbershops and salons closing, I believe in the “professional opportunity” now more than ever – and I’ve been in the beauty industry for well over 40 years.

Why? Well, it’s a fact that clients can’t get beauty services online – you can’t deliver a haircut over Zoom can you? Although online tools are great for booking appointments, the lockdowns have highlighted the true value of a great haircut and the expertise of a hair professional.

Furthermore, the demise of department stores has left salons and barbers with distinct and invaluable retail advantages. We have that client relationship, we know how to add those personal touches, we can show our clients how to use products and we can deliver them straight into our clients’ hands.


Before we made the decision to trade directly with professionals our online presence was poor from a quality marketing point of view. men-ü products looked like random books in a library. Often they were with the wrong images and incorrect copy. Our brand messaging was not consistent. There are still some steps we need to take, as we do not have all of the answers but then who does?

For a lot of salons and barbershops Amazon is possibly an “elephant in the room.” Let’s face it, it’s here to stay for just about all brands, so we can’t ignore it. We see the presentation of brands on Amazon as a direct measure of whether a brand is in control. The more trade resellers on Amazon, the less marketing control with differing charges for delivery.

My advice is BE AWARE and look to BE CONFIDENT IN RETAIL,” says Graham.

More information on men-ü and creating an online DPT account can be obtained from or call 01256 766 566 and ask for Scott or Kenny. Don’t forget to use the code MB20 for 20% OFF your first order.

This article appears in the Issue 31 – July - September 2021 Issue of Modern Barber

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This article appears in the Issue 31 – July - September 2021 Issue of Modern Barber