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“According to figures from the British Beauty Council, over 7000 salons and barbershops have closed since the first lockdown. But as we know it’s still a saturated market. So what will make YOU stand out and give your business longevity? Remember, variety is the spice of life – one size doesn’t fit all and there’s space for everyone. Find products unique to your area, introduce new treatments like facials, partner with neighbouring businesses – the possibilities are endless. Be authentic to your brand and stick with it. Always think about longevity too – has your business been handed down through the generations? Did it have an existing reputation? If you’re doing something well, then shout about it loudly. ”

Matt Allen, founder Dot Dash. Visit


“Building relationships with industry professionals and editors is so important. Attending events and networking, connecting on social media and being available to contribute to features are key to elevating your profile. If you’re looking to work with brands and magazines, tag them in your work – but don’t tag competitors in the same post! Brands are always looking for user generated content so images, videos and reels of you using their products will get you noticed. If you choose to work with a PR outline the best form of communication from the start – whether it be email, call, WhatsApp or voice notes. Whatever is quickest for you to get your professional input over for quotes. Contributing efficiently will give you a greater chance of being included in features. It’s a balance between being available to share your knowledge and still being able to dedicate time to your clients – but it’s possible, I promise!”

Chelsea Marshall, account manager at LWPR. Visit for more.


“It’s crucial for a business to have a stylish logo that reflects your values and communicates to your core demographic. Making a strong first impression fosters brand loyalty. In addition, organise seasonal shoots if you have the budget available. You can then use the imagery and any step-by-steps you shoot to send to local media sources and hair trade press. Regularly send in news stories and trend predictions to them. Taking on a PR expert to work with you will boost your brand reach and get your collections to the right people. Social media platforms are great for showcasing shots of your barber work on a daily basis, but some of your favourite older work might get lost and new potential customers won’t get to see it. The solution? Create a website for your barbershop. There are plenty of site-building tools created for novices that are easy to use, but the end results look polished and professional.”

Julie Allen, founder Jools PR. Email for more details.


“If you’re thinking about taking on a PR ask yourself these three things: What do you want PR for? Do you have time to dedicate to PR? What are your goals? Many people think taking on a PR means they can watch the publicity roll in; but in reality you have to be there for quick quotes, interviews and appearances. The first thing you should do with your PR is to work out your ambitions, ideas and goals and put together a plan. This should include media appearances, award entries, ‘live’ appearances and more. Without a plan, how do you know you are reaching goals? Do you want to be seen as an expert or a creative artist? Your PR can help you get there but you need to work together – there’s an old saying ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail.’ Well, it’s the same when it comes to your PR. If you don’t answer calls, or supply interesting quotes, then requests will stop coming in. Work consistently, with passion and integrity and you can get to a new level.”

Ruth Hunsley, founder RedMane Media. Visit

This article appears in the Issue 31 – July - September 2021 Issue of Modern Barber

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This article appears in the Issue 31 – July - September 2021 Issue of Modern Barber